Помогите изменить диалог в косвенную речь

"Good-day, Master Antonio, " said Geppetto; "what are you doing there on
the floor? "
"I am teaching the alphabet to the ants. "
"Much good may that do you. "
"What has brought you to me, neighbor Geppetto? "
"My legs. But to tell the truth. Master Antonio, I came to ask a favor
of you. "
"Here I am, ready to serve you, " replied the carpenter, getting on his
"This morning an idea came into my head. "
"Let us hear it. "
"I thought I would make a beautiful wooden puppet; one that could dance,
fence, and leap like an acrobat. With this puppet I would travel about
the world to earn a piece of bread and a glass of wine. What do you
think of it? "
"Bravo, Pudding! " exclaimed the same little voice, and it was impossible
to say where it came from.
Hearing himself called Pudding, Geppetto became as red as a turkey-cock
from rage and, turning to the carpenter, he said in a fury:
"Why do you insult me? "
"Who insults you? "
"You called me Pudding! "
"It was not I! "
"Do you think I called myself Pudding? It was you, I say! "

Такие у Вас запросы скромные! Вы бы хоть чуть-чуть сами потрудились подумать, а не надеяться на чью-то помощь… Пора взрослеть, дорогая!