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Здравствуйте. У меня сложная ситуация покупатель оплатил мне 395$ через 10 дней смне пришло письмо от пау пал сто он перевёл мне 605$ и они просят что бы я отправила 210 через вестрюнион. Деньги которые он мне перевёл я не вижу.(товар он ещё нне получил)что мне делать? Вот сообщение от системы паупал Western Union Money Refund - Reminder Notice.
Hello Anna Перепелкина,

PayPal is waiting for the Western Union Money Transfer information from you. This is necessary in order to make sure that all transactions abide to our payment policies.

Please carefully note that all transferred funds have been fully removed from your buyer's PayPal account and they cannot be refunded back. Therefore your utmost cooperation is needed. We assure you that you are secured with PayPal and as soon as we receive the Western Union details from you, and we confirm it is valid, you will receive a confirmation message and your PayPal account will be credited immediately with a total of $ 605.00 USD.

We expect to hear from you as soon as possible.

Transaction Summary
SellerAnna Перепелкина

Transaction ID

Refund Method

Refund Amount

$ 210.00 USD.

Send Refund to

Total Amount

David Segun

$ 605.00 USD.

Once again, we are very sorry for any inconveniences that these might have caused you. Your cooperation is highly vital. Be rest assured that you are secured using PayPal.

We hope you will get back to us right away!

PayPal Team.
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Dear Anna Перепелкина,

We have noticed an error in the transfer that your buyer (Steve Jack) sent into your PayPal account. Your buyer's PayPal account has been overcharged with $ 605.00 USD to your account instead of $ 395.00 USD and your buyer has informed us about the overcharge. Please note that this error usually occurs when the transfer is made with very fast or extremely slow Internet connections. You are advised to contact your buyer and settle this issue as soon as possible by refunding the $ 210.00 USD, then your total transfer will be paid to your account.

Our customer's safety is our highest priority. The total transfer of $ 605.00 USD has been approved and removed from Steve Jack account and it cannot be undone.By refunding the overcharge, you will make it faster for us to credit your PayPal account today.

How do I send the Refund?

We have approved that you refund the money with Western Union Money Transfer. You have to find the nearest Western Union Money Transfer agent location and send the refund. You can send Western Union Money Transfer from any Post Office near you.

Go to the Western Union agent location and send the $ 210.00 USD. You can also send the refund online at

E-mail us with the verification details of the refund (a copy of the Western Union Receipt/or a copy of Western Union confirmation email) to

We are very sorry for any inconveniences that this process might have caused you. We expect the refund information's immediately. Your payment is intact and you are encouraged to complete this transaction as soon as possible today.

Thank you and best regards,
The PayPal team

To correct any errors, please contact us through our Help Center at

PayPal Email ID: PP305

Да пошлите вы этот китайский пылмыл подальше. Как они других динамят. Подождут, не обломаются.

Забей и не пополняй счёт, а-то сами снимут! Их косяк!)

А сюда - то зачем? По моему - любая платежная система имеет должностных лиц, уполномоченных решать такие вопросы!

Paypal никогда в жизни не стал бы тебя просить отправить что-то через Western Union - они бы просто заморозили твой счет и сняли б сколько нужно. Это 100%-е мошенничество. Подай жалову в ТП Палки.